School expenses/Entrance guide

Annual School fee

screening fee Entrance fee School fee Text and material fee Education enhancement fee Total
20,000 60,000 540,000 30,000 50,000 700,000

☆The total fee for a one-and-a-half year course is \1,010,000. The fee for a two-year course is \1,320,000.

☆Short-term course cost is \155,000 every three months including entrance fee, school fee, text and material fee and education enhancement fee.



Scholarship system

■Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students (Japanese language institutes) (By JASSO)

Scholarship students receive \30,000 per month (\360,000 per year).


■NPO LSH-ASIA Scholarship (By Scholarship association of Lee Soo Hyun)

Scholarship students receive \100,000 as a 5-months scholarship.


■Scholarship of Kyoritsu-Maintenance Company Scholarship Fund

Scholarship students receive \60,000 per month (\720,000 per year).



Entrance application

Start Course Application period
April 1year・2years Sept.1-Nov.30
July 1year&6month Jan.10-Mar.1
October 1 1/2 years Mar.1-May.31
January 1year&3month Jul.1-Aug.31

☆Application for short term course is accepted at any time of the year.



Recruitment information

■Recruitment information
①Entrance time and application period ②Entry requirements ③School fee
④Payment (Account information) ⑤Entrance formalities ⑥Detailed information on necessary documents
■Application download
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Admission procedure

1 Submitting documents ☆Please refer to the recruitment information about details on necessary documents.
2 Screening  
3 Admission decision  
4 Payment of screening fee(\15,000)※1  
5 Application at the Immigration bureau ☆We apply for a Certificate of Eligibility at the Immigration bureau on behalf of seccessful applicants.
6 Notification of the result of application for a Certificate of Eligibility ☆We notify the applicants of the result of application for a Certificate of Eligibility.
7 Payment of school fee(Submission of pledge card and consent form)※2 ☆When we confirm your payment of school fee, we send you the Certificate of Eligibility and the acceptance form.
8 Visa application ☆Please apply for a visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country with Certificate of Eligibility, your passport and the acceptance form to entrance by yourself.
9 Visa acquisition  
10 Arrival in Japan  

※1 We will not refund screening fee with regardless of the result of screening by our school and Sendai Regional Immigration Bureau.

※2 We will refund school fee only if you can't obtain a visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country. In that case, we would like you to submit receipt and visa rejection letter from Japanese embassy or consulate.